Light table showing light table over layers

I’m not sure if this is a bug but when I use the light table and I have 2 layers one on top and one on bottom, I see the light table on top but I cannot see the layer on the bottom. Is this the way the program should act. I would think that you should always see both layers rather you are using the light table or not? And the light table should’nt obsttruct the layer behind it what do you think Jan@cosmigo?

Can you add a sample project or a screenshot. At the moment I can’t imagine what’s happening :thinking:

Thanks Jan@cosmigo for looking into this at the moment in my test project I can’t repeat the results but I’ll let you know if it shows up again.

Oh here’s the problem I work in 3 colors and black for the virtual boy and my colors that I used for bones were lighter than the colors I used in my light table thus I was mistakening them for not showing up…sorry for wasting your time.

Ok thinking this over further, I think that the light table should always show under the layers unless the layer is hidden. I’m sure however that there would be instances where you would want to see the light table above the layer so it would be nice if you had the option as well.

Currently the light table frames are rendered below the layer they belong to. Layers above the layer will rendered on top. What you want to see is that all light table layers are rendered bottom most and above of them all layers should be rendered. Did I understand this correctly?

I think the best way to do this is on the layer pallete on the lightbulb icon make it a 3 way bulb (ha well it does illustrate what I am trying to do). The first setting is on light table is the light table is below the layer that it is associated with. The second setting is dim this is displayed as a dim lightbulb. Now light table is bellow all layers. third setting is off Light table is off. I think this would help with animating something tremendously.And clarifing when you have a complicated animation this would make a great tool even better. thank you for your time