List current layer at top of screen

Hello Jan@cosmigo I have found out that with your powerful keyboard shortcuts I can cut out almost all of the interface for what I do. The only thing I can’t cut out is the layers palate. furthermore I have found that I am always going back to the default window layout because I always have to figure out which layer I am on. In my line of work it would be very useful if the current layer that I am on would be listed at the top of the screen. This way I could stay on a minimalistic interface any help is greatly appreciated. The way this could work I envision it working like this:

listing layer near colors

Hi @Morintari,

that means, you closed the Layers Window, because you don’t want to have it and therefore you suggest an extra display of the currently active layer?


Yes, Again to use 3D tools for a Virtual Boy full screen takes up a lot of space this arrangement helps out tremendously however I notice that I am forever switching back and forth from my Specialized layout to the default layout because I currently do not have a double screen display. And having the current layer being displayed at the top would be a godsend!

I understand, but to me this request is too special. Another alternative would be to activate the pin of the layers window so that it stays on to and placing it over the canvas window.

I’m sorry Jan@cosmigo how do you accomplish that?

Just activate the pin on the top left position of the layers window. It will turn blue and the window will stay on top of other (unpinned) windows. Now you can place it over others.

I appreciate that however you can only reduce the layers window to so small. It would be nice if you could reduce the palate to a very small size.

Ok Jan@cosmigo tried it and I decided it does conform to a very small size.Thanks for this workaround.