Load a list of image into a single animation but with current palette

Is it possible to batch load multiple images into an animation and have them use the same quantize colors option as with loading a single image:

The reason for this is that I would like load multiple frames in at once, but have them all use Nearest Color and Current Palette. So far, the closest thing that I have found to this is:

This works well as it is able to batch load multiple files, but I’m not able to get the options for color reduction and palette customization.

Is there another way to do this? I’m still new to the software, so this may not be correct workflow for something like this.

This is a bug. The function you found (Load/append…) is the right one but it currently ignores the quantization settings. Furthermore it lets the option “global” palette enabled for the layer which is wrong because the frames have individual color palettes after using the function atm. Will fix this asap.

In the meanwhile you can load the images using this function which will create a separate color palette for every frame. Then click on the “G”-sign on the layer to disable the global palette setting. Then you add an extra frame and load a palette into it (Colors/Load Palette). Then click on the “G” sign at the layer again. It will now open a dialog with quantization settings and there you can use “Current Palette” again which is the one you loaded into the last frame where you are still on. When done, delete the last frame again.

Pretty weird but should work :wink:

The problem has been fixed now and is available with the next update.

Also, in the update the menu entry File/New Project/Create from single Images… is to be used if you want to create a new project by loading image files and File/Animation/Append single Images wil do what it says. Both function could be used up to now to append to a poject AND to create a new one using an option in the dialog. This was a leftover from the latest restructuring.

Thank you very much for getting back to me so fast! I will check this out with the next update!!