Load multiple image(gif,png)to layer

Hello, “Create files by layer” is a really cool feature. Conversely, is there a function to load multiple images(png,gif) as layers? I found a way to add it as a frame(append animation), but I couldn’t find a way to import it as a layer. If it’s okay, I’d like to suggest a function. I think this is useful when you want to work with other program. Have a nice day!

Hi @tidog,

I think I should add such a function :wink: . Currently the quickest way is to load it as a brush this will then be an AnimBrush.
If the colors differ from your palette, then you can use menu Colors/Remap Colors/Brush.
Then you can stamp it down over all frames holding Alt + Ctrl and click.


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Wow! I never knew that I could load a GIF file into animbrush. I’ve come to know interesting features. Still, I think it would be definitely more convenient if I could load multiple files directly into the layer at the exact location. I’d appreciate it if you could add it someday! Have a nice day!:grinning:

Can you describe what you mean with multiple files at the current position. Should the frames of each files be appended?
I already started including that function but it took more time than expected, so it’s not in the release I planned for today. I also need to add some import options like “which palette to use” and I will also make it work all the same for when importing an image or an animation.

Oh! I’m sorry. I’m not good at English, so I’m using a translator It meant that if you load the “gif” file as “anim brush”, you have to stamp it in the correct location with Ctrl+alt
I sometimes stamp in the wrong position and do ctrl +z for the number of frames when I do animbursh😂

For example, I hope to be able to load 8 frames of gif files “head” and “body” at the same time to create 8 frame layers of “head” and “body.”

In my case, if I do this kind of work, I think most of them will import files that have the same number of frames and share the same palette

Hi tidog try this…Turn on snap grid and make the dimensions the same size as your canvas then try importing the file as you were doing before. This way you can’t screw up with putting the wrong layer in the wrong position. Hope this helps.