Load Previous Session - Remember current file

The ‘Load previous Session’ button in the new Home Screen is very useful and turned out to be a great idea, in my opinion.

I think the feature could be improved, if once all the previous session’s files are re-opened, then the last file you were actually working on was made the current file again.
Whenever I use the ‘Load previous Session’ button I find that I have to then find the right file tab of what I was actually working on when I last quit. This feels odd to me, and like an unnecessary step.
Could PMNG log my last current file and make it the current file again, if it’s included in the session files list when the load previous session is used?

Fortunately, PMNG already remembers your zoom level and pan location for previously open files, so if the load previous session feature could plop you right back where you left off exactly, it would be even more convenient and useful.
Just a small user experience plus.

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Understood. Added to my list.