Loop or end on light table feature

Hi Jan right now the light table always loops back to the first frame but this is’nt always what you want it to do it would be great if on the edit light table features you would have a box to check that says loop or end this way if you have a linear animation that shoulden’t loop you won’t see the first frame at the end of the animation.
Thanks again Jan,

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I actually would second that :smiley: If you could have an option that you could check, that basically limits onion skinning and maybe frame progression (via keyboard shortcuts) to the actual replay bracket. Something like that maybe. This would be a godsend for larger animation projects! Right now I am abusing the keyframe feature to achieve something similar, but it’s tedious and onion skinning doesn’t work

The keyboard progress limit is already done with the upcoming version (7.2).

So, the light table should just get an option to also limit to the playback limit without continuing to use the frames in a cycle but stop at the end or end? This is no problem.

Hi Jan not to be a jerk( because I know your busy) but are we going to see loop or end in the next few releases of PMNG?

Is this exactly what you need?

Hi Jan on the light table settings I would like to see a checkbox that would make the light table not repeat to frame 1 when it gets to the end of an animation the user can check it or not, Thanks

To be more precise I added to following to V7.2 now:
“Limit” checkbox
If enabled then frames that would be displayed as light table shape but pass either the animation playback start or end frame are not displayed.
So if you have a playback limit from 3-10 then light table frames smaller that 3 or larger than 10 would be omitted.
This way also the automatic looping of light table frames is disabled.

Sounds good but Id have to test it to know,


if you had an animation that was 1-10 frames and it the checkbox limit was enabled frame 1 would be enabled for the start frame only.But the frames would stop at frame 10 after frame 10 there would be nothing. If disabled you would see frame 1 at the end of frame 10. Now this would not effect the playback animation window that would loop anyway. Thank you for your time Jan

It’s a bit hard to explain but I think we talk about the same.
Let’s first clarify phrases:
The playback limit is the range of frames that is selected to be played when you use the animation play functions, e.g. loop forward. You can set this range in the time line. But we now just assume that all frames of the project are selected as playback limit just to make it easier to understand. But actually the light table limit will refer to the playback limit.

Now, to stay with your example, you have 10 frames (1-10). If you activate the new limit option then the light table rendering will respect upper and lower bounds of the animation. Successive light table frames that go beyond “10” will not loop to start with 1 etc. . Backward frames that go below “1” will not loop to 10 and down.

I think that it thank you for all of your help!