Make Lines Visible in Symmetry Mode

I’ve noticed that in symmetry mode you can see the single pixel dot in all places the “other cursors” are, but for some reason when using the line tool the “other lines” don’t appear until you’ve released the button.
I’d prefer to see all lines as I’m moving the cursor, would that be possible to add?

This is surely possible. Added it to my list.

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Available with V8. Also, other objects like rectangles, circles etc. work with symmetry and are shown in preview mode.

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Jan@cosmigo now that you are improving the symetry mode will you consider a 3d symetery mode it’s very simple the only thing it takes is divide an image in half and put the right half on the left side in the stereo side and vice versa.

never mind as much as I want this to be a thing I think it would be too confusing.