• jan@cosmigo.com

Merging layers with lowered opacity aren't quantized


When I merge a layer with a blendmode down into another layer I can choose how the blend result colors are chosen which works fine, but
it doesn’t work when trying to merge a layer with only lowered opacity down into another layer.

Example -

Take these two layers:

Upper layer: solid blue box, lower layer: some random colors.

Move the blue box on top of the random colors and lower blue box layer’s opacity to 50% and it looks like this:

Merge and select “Use destination Layer Palette” and I get this:

My palette has 256 colors, more than enough for PMNG to use for some nearest neighbor quantization. I can prove this because if I screenshot the layers before merging and simply paste right into PMNG, it creates this:

Notice how my the palette in use in this project file has so many different colors in it I can screenshot PMNG’s ui and paste the pixels into the file and it looks almost unchanged.

Quantizing alpha blended pixels when merging layers simply doesn’t work.
It would be useful if it worked as intended (or I assume it’s intended anyway).


Thanks for reporting that bug :slight_smile: