Minimizing window, not working

Whether it’s restored down or maximized.

minimizing window not working

beta ver.

Does this also happen when you freshly start the software and no project is loaded?
Can’t duplicate this at the moment.

It does not.
I was going to say imma get back at you on how to reproduce it, but I accidentally reproduced it just now.

The setup:

  • Dual monitors
  • Right click on taskbar > taskbar settings, scroll down to:


  1. On monitor 1, Open PMNG from the taskbar
  2. Minimize PMNG.
    Here, for some reason, PMNG minimizes to the taskbar on monitor 2 like so:
    While doing so, the PMNG icon on monitor 1 shows that it is inactive:
  3. We’ll re-open PMNG. Click the icon on the 1st monitor twice (Not a fast double click, but 2 clicks with some second in between). Upon doing so, PMNG shows a blank window:

    sidenote: In this step, when you re-open PMNG from the 2nd monitor’s taskbar instead, minimizing works.
  4. Minimizing the window from the opened window does not work.
    The blank window can be refilled when we do - View > Window Layouts > Set Default Layout. But this will mask a big clue that might be causing this.

So the big clue:

  1. Leave the blank PMNG window as is.
  2. Minimize PMNG via clicking on the PMNG taskbar icon on monitor 2.
  3. You will see the blank window go away and reveal another PMNG window open. Whether it be filed with an open project or not.
  4. Click on the PMNG taskbar icon again on monitor 2 and PMNG will be completely minimized.

On my system the icon of Pro Motion does always only appear on the main screen, even if I move it to the second screen, while with other applications the icon also moves on the task bar.
So I could not duplicate the minimizing effect.
Will need to invest this further.

IDK if this plays a part, but monitor 2 is in portrait mode.

Oh, and, just to eliminate the question, minimizing a program in monitor 1 that goes to monitor 2 only happens with PMNG.
All other programs I use behave as expected so far when it comes to minimizing and maximizing.