Mirror tool improvements

First time here, recently purchased pro motion. Fantastic product so far, really enjoying it and it definitely feels like it will be the industry standard one day for pixel art creation.

However, I would like to suggest if we can have a preview line(the same as when you use the rectangle/circle tool) when placing it around the workspace. Unless I’m doing it wrong, the rectangle/circle shape tool would also be great to work with the mirror tool. Having to navigate to the symmetry tab all the time can be tedious. Ideally, I would like to access the sub-options of the mirror tool(or any other that have sub-options) to either be double-clicked/right clicked on the toolbar, or have the symmetry tab shown with the sub-options already focused/docked, then hidden when you’ve closed it.

Thank you.

The preview line for the symmetry tool is already on my list. It is planned to also be movable directly on the canvas.

In the past the tool option windows where separated and the opened if you right click on the too. But being separate windows wasn’t very handy either. That’s why I joined them into the Paint & Tool Settings window.
Would it help to just jump to the corresponding settings tab when you right click on a tool icon having options?

I also plan to change the UI to use docking windows. This might lead to a rework of all the tool option placements. But this won’t happen very soon.

Looking forward to seeing that implemented!

I think it will be on the right lines of a smoother workflow as it was instinctive for me to try right-clicking it. It would be nice to have that open the sub-options for that tool.

Thanks for getting so back so quickly as well! :slight_smile: