• jan@cosmigo.com

Mode Change Indicator - Quality of life


I often found myself a bit confused/lost when switching brush modes too often.

I am aware of the information in top left corner, but still, I think it would be awesome to have some sort of feedback information on mode change, somewhere on canvas, maybe above the mouse cursor.
I imagine it just as appearing and fading out name of the brush mode.


With 7.3 there are tons of technical changes concerning tooling and canvas displays.
I completely-coded the canvas rendering to be an engine that supports any type of overlay elements, e.g. grids, text, transformation handles and so on.
So there will be a good base to add such in-screen display elements (though I don’t have fading effects yet).
Will add your wish to my list, but I can’t promise to add this directly to 7.3.There are just too many topics I need to get done for it before being able to go next steps.


Hey Jan, thanks for the reply, really appreciate it.

No worries, I understand that you have a lot of work already.
This is just a simple idea, might not even work as I’m imagining it.