Mouse Cursor Icons

Is there a way to disable mouse cursor icons during paint or even generally? At least for the paint tool it is really making the software difficult to use since in production since you cannot really see what you are painting any more! This abolutely needs a preferences option (Disable/Disable During Paint/Enable)

Amd why we are at it I’m going to put in a request for duel mouse icons in 3d often I lose my place and an icon would help me out tremendously. Thanks in advance

Hi @visionvortex,

still that annoying or did you maybe get used to it meanwhile?
For the paint/paint dotted tool it would be okay for me to revert to the cursor that was used in V7, but all the other tools should not be changed. For them I could only offer to add an option that always uses the simple cross-hair (paint tool V7). Would that make sense?


Sorry for the late reply! Too much work ^^’

I have used it for a while and it is really only the paint tool that irks me. The crosshair has a white outline. Which covers a lot of pixels when you are working zoomed out. If there would be an option to choose the crosshair, eg. “Outline, No Outline, Off while Painting” that would be the best. All other tools really don’t matter that much since you dont use them super precise anyways. Does that make sense?

Understood. I think I’ll revert the free drawing cursor to that one of V7.

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Slim cursor added again with 8.0.3