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Mouse wheel zoom behavior is strange for me



Can I setup the mouse wheel zoom to keep image x,y position when zooming?
My mouse weel zoom behavior is strange, other graphics software usually keep the x and y position on image when zooming.

Thank you.



if you want to change this behavior then please go to window “Paint & Tool Settings” section “Control” and select “zoom” instead of “zoom + center”.
Hope this helps.




Thank you the answer, i found this settings, but not helped for me.
Maybe the problem has in my computer.
If i point a pixel, when is use the mouse wheel zoom the canvas little bit jumping with zoom, and more with zoom +center and do not keep the pointed pixel.
If i point pixel on canvas edge with zoom + center the pointer jump off the canvas.
I check this in another computer. Maybe my installed tablet driver cause the problem…

thank you



I see what you mean. With “normal” zoom it just zooms to the current center while the pixel where you have your mouse is ignored. That’s why it moves out of the screen.
I have this issue on my list. Can’t say when it will be fixed exactly, but should be with the next months.




Thank you.
Cosmigo Pro Motion Ng is great. :slight_smile:


Will be available with upcoming release (7.2)


Thank you, I’am glad! :slight_smile: