Mouse wheel zoom doesn't work in fullscreen view mode

After pressing “u” to toggle fullscreen view, I can no longer zoom with my mouse wheel.
And when I press “u” again I can once again mouse wheel zoom as per normal.

Pro Motion
Windows 10
Logitech Performance MX mouse

Just fixed this for the next maintenance update (planned for tomorrow) :wink:

Awesome! You’re the man.

Is there a way to get notified about new versions?

Either use the RSS feed here:
or follow on Twitter.
There is a function that would also raise a message in the software but I never used it. Maybe I should… :thinking:

Cool, thanks.

Yeah that would be nice if PM told me if there was an update.
Apps directly notifying users of new versions with some sort of little one-time alert message seems to be pretty commonplace these days.
Also, Menu>Help>About could be updated to inform users if they’re running the current version or not.

With 7.3 I also plan to include a little “blog” view that is displayed when you start the software. It will contain basic text messages along with URLs. This will replace the current (still unused) mechanism and so I think I won’t activate this before 7.3 release.