Moving colors in the palette

Sometimes I create gradiants and then later I realize, that I would like to move my gradient on the palette elsewhere. Problem is: Moving the color to an other position doesnt automatically change the palette-pixel binding. So if my 5. position in the palette is green and i take that green and move it elsewhere, all pixels drawn in that green still get their color from the 5. position. I then have to manually recolor those pixels with the color from the other position. I would like to see an option that lets me move a color to a different position, which also automatically changes the palette-pixel binding. :slight_smile:

Please have a look at this:

Enable the option “Apply Color Movements to Pixes” and pixels will shift as well.

Hm, maybe I did something wrong or there is a misunderstanding. I try to explain with screenshots:

The color marked below is a brighter color of the deep gras. Now lets say I move it, with the option activated you have mentioned. Like this:

I clicked on the color and dragged it 3 lines above. Now when I change the color of the previous position, this happens:

What I would like to have is, that I can move colors in my palette and corresponding pixels in my imagine also get their color information from the new color position instead of the old one.

Hope it is easier to understand now.


Yes, this is what the option does that I mentioned. But this only works if your drag them around. Did you activate this option?
Edit: you have the “copy” mode enabled. It only works with the other modes where the color is actually moved:

Aaah, that’s good to know. Hard to understand if you don’t know all the features from Pro Motion. Sorry for the inconvinience. :slight_smile:

Tip: I was struggling to get this to work when I discovered I was on the wrong layer. Make sure you’re on the correct layer.

Also note that sometimes I have problems with this feature when dragging onto a colour that is in use in the palette, but not in the project. I had to delete this colour first before moving the colours I wanted before it would work.