MS Surface interface

Just got a Surface Go, mainly for this program. Drawing right on the screen on the go is awesome. Thing is, ProMotion is meant to be used with shortcuts. Some of those icons are too small to use a touch screen with, or the functions are hidden away behind some menu or hot key.
Id suggest a customizable tool bar we can put whatever we want on.
For now, until that can get implemented, at least put the Eraser tool on the tool bar please. And maybe an option to switch back to previous tool after using it?
Thanks Jan

I already have a wish on my list where you can create individual bars containing certain functions that you usually access via keyboard. There is no eraser tool. It’s just a paint mode. The menu bar is also too small to be accessed well?

Yeah I see that wish list for toolbars now, I didnt look at it because it said for comon file operations. So Ill wait on that feature. Thanks. The menu bars (not just in ProMotion) are all too small on the Surface to use your fingers accurately. I could resize the whole interface but then theres not enough workspace. Its a trade off you know?
At the moment, Im using an app in the Windows Store called Tablet Pro. It lets you add a customizable on screen keyboard, to which I assign the shortcut keys I want. It works pretty good so far, but its $20-$35 after 30 day trial. 30 days left Jan. :smiley: Keep up the great work!