Multi Language?

Hello Jan and the community!

  • Do you have the time to make the opportunity to change the language for the program? Is it technically difficult?
  • If there is such a possibility, I am ready to help, since I have been involved in translations into Russian for a long time and can give a number of useful advice.

    Image of the translation file, * TXT format

    The translation process on the site poeditor
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Hi Alex,

Pro Motion has a built in language management, but it’s required to update it to UTF-8 to support other languages. I plan adding other languages some time next year, but at the moment I can’t tell which languages and if it’s really next year. Thank you for your support. Let’s keep an eye on that every now and then.


Yes, I also want to add multi-language support, I hope to use the Chinese version. :joy:
Please keep going!~~~ :muscle:
In order to be able to use Chinese version,I am willing to assist in Chinese translation. :face_with_monocle:

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Thank you! Indeed I already checked for Chinese translation concerning costs etc., but I just can’t address it this year because I’d have to do some preparations that take their time. My idea then is to let it translate by a professional office and then I could probably need some testers because to my experience professional translation offices have problems with certain phrases of a special domain like in this case graphics software.

  1. We need a translation engine here, Jan should try.
  2. The file with the translation should be as simple as possible, many use simple * .TXT, * .INI, * .XML files.
  3. Find out who will translate? Users of the program who are familiar with it or professional studios that will translate a product they do not know (you will have to re-do it a lot - personal experience)
  4. Determine where to translate here on the forum to create groups of translators or on special services such as the poeditor

    If the Jan made by the engine and the translation will be implemented by the users, I will be able to give many useful tips how to make the translation much better than the studios! Because after the studios I translated a lot of translations into Russian!

Hi Alex,

there is a translation engine for PM. What I have to do is to make it capable of UTF-8 and also extract some Text from the UI templates. I probably need some time to tidy up the text keys, because they are automatically created by the dev system I use.
The text is available in a simple key/value format then, so other tools could be used as well.
Let’s see when I find the time to have a look at this.
Thank you for your support, much appreciated!


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Will you make Chinese language this year?Photoshop was too hard to use.

Won’t be possible this I think. Not sure, though :-/