Multiple brush withs lines and curves

Jan@cosmigo the brush system is second to none, very intelligent.

However saying that it would be awesome if Promotion NG would allow you to choose one brush width for the initial line start and one for the terminating brush mark. Then it would interpolate the 2 widths and make one line gradually changing from the starting brush width to the terminating brush width.

This could work for lines,curves,dotted entities,brush line entities and unfilled polygons as well.

The way this feature could work is the initial brush size would be a piece of cake! It would simply be the brush size that the user starts with. the second brush size would be a little harder it could be on the tool and paint settings palate where the radio button is at for continuous and dotted every Nth pixel there it could be labeled second line value.

The best way to incorporate this feature would be so you could make dotted lines to gradually get bigger or smaller depending on what kind of line you need.

Please consider this suggestion there have been multiple times where it would of greatly helped. Oh and please make it work in 3d as well. Any help is greatly appreciated! thanks

Hi @Morintari ,

thanks for this suggestion. Can you give me some hints about when this could be used? Some sample creation workflow where this would be a help? It would give me a better impression :slight_smile:


No problem Jan@cosmigo,

For lines imagine if you were trying to draw the propeller of a helicopter in 3d perspective this would help tremendously. All you would have to do is draw the lines and specify the brush size and voila you would have your work done for you.

If you were using it to draw a brush that was going from large to small for example if you were drawing the spikes on a dragon’s back you could make an animbrush of the scales rotating and use this new feature so when you applied the spikes they would be scaled appropriately. While were talking about dragons you could combine this tool with lock transparency make a serpent scale dither and apply it using this new feature to make the scales get smaller as they travel from the main body to the tail.

I suppose you could even use it with animation as an animbrush to make a series of lasers travel outside the mouth of a cannon in 3d perspective and if you animated it would look like it was happening over time.

Also in comics inking is often done by having thicker lines toward the viewer and thinner lines away from the viewer. Well PMNG could utilize this as well and have thinner starting lines far away with graduating into thicker lines close up!

The possibilities are endless especially in 3d perspectives!

Anytime you would need to go from large to small with a brush or line or vice versa this would help tremendously.

Thanks for the detailed explanations. I understood and it makes sense to me :slight_smile: