Multiple Preview panels

I keep finding myself wishing that I could set up multiple Preview panels.

I use multiple monitors and keep my Preview panel in a side monitor.
When I have multiple points of interest in my current project I often want to set up little preview windows that never change that will each show me the same portion of my project which I intend to keep an eye on.

It would decrease frustration a little bit if I spent less time panning and zooming my Preview panel.
I would fiddle with it less if I had multiple little views of the same project set up.

I hate using Photoshop for pixel art these days but it’s awesome how it allows you to set up as many instance windows of the same file which all update together despite which window you work in. This means I can set up little views of what I’m working on - as many as I want at any zoom level.
This screenshot depicts one of my typical setups:

On the left I’m zoomed way in and making edits, while on the right I have a few views set up showing me what I want to see. They update as I draw.
As you know - without this functionality I would be doomed to the maddening pattern of drawing, zooming out to check my edit, zooming back in, drawing some more, zooming out again to check, zooming back in, repeat repeat repeat.

Pro Motion does the same basic thing, but is limited to only one Preview window. PM doesn’t need infinite Preview panels. If it provided just 3, it would mean a noticeably improvement for me in my Pro Motion workflow.

If PM had more than one Preview panel, as you switch between projects the multiple Preview panels would all need to remember what portion of the project they were centered on and zoom level. And no doubt other complicating factors.


Thanks for this suggestion. It’s already on my list. Can’t say at the moment when it will be included, though.


Jan.cosmigo, please add lock and follow option you know what I am talking about.

Awesome suggestion, I sure could use this feature :ok_hand: