N00b Question 2: How to move?

I learned how to select my stuff with the tools and the selection mode, but now I want to move them on my canvas, but I dont see any options for that, or it is in a veeeeery hidden place…

The “typical” selection tool set along with “in place move” (+scale, rotate…) is in the works.
In the current version you do everything with brushes.

  • hit B
  • select the area (use right mouse button to cut)
  • place it where you want

To do this with multiple frames then hold Alt when selecting the area. Then you picked up a multi frame brush (aka AnimBrush). Stamp it over frames by again hold Alt + click.

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When do you think you ll be releasing the new update? Anyway very good to know that you are creating more stuff. This is a wonderful software, it just misses some basic stuff that I was used to. use on other softwares.

I Hope for March/2020, but I can’t promise. Being a spare time software it’s hard to make estimations.