N00b question: Pro Motion changing colors when loading new image

So I have a png pixel art image that I ve made on another software. I try to drag it from my desktop and drop on pro motion interface. Then Im asked about number of colors, I type 6 colors and click OK button. After that, I got a very strange image with very different colors :


If I say 5 colors instead of 6, then it will load the image almost fine but still lacking 1 color:

This is my original art:

Plus that same problem happens on every piece of art that I drop on it, it just messes up the colors totally or ignores one of the colors. So, how am I supposed to load a image properly on this software? Thank you.

Welcome @cuteCat_Pariah

this was a bug in Please use the latest version which will fix this issue.


Oh well in that case I ll have to wait some weeks until I get my fine internet back. Thank you anyways.