• jan@cosmigo.com

Need help on isolating tutorial subjects/topics


Hey guys, can you recommend me any reliable vid cutting program? I tried some and most of them just suck at it.

See, I want to cut up currently available vid tutorials.

Problem is, most vid tutorials are too chunky. So when i have to go back to some basic stuff I’ve forgotten about, i have to go back and forth to the vid timeline just to get a single piece of information i need. If the information i need is even in that particular vid.

I will most likely upload it to youtube to save some disk space. Or just give it to @jan.cosmigo for him to upload it on his own channel if there is an issue with that.

Thanks in advance!


Here are a couple of links to full-featured free and open source video editing applications — as far as I know, they are reliable tools, although they might offer more features than you actually need.

For simpler editing tasks, this is a free (but closed source) application:

Although I haven’t actually used any of them, these are the candidate apps I had chosen while looking for some FOSS video editing apps, so I’ve picked them after comparing the features of about 20 similar apps, and have installed them locally on my machine. You probably won’t find easily an application that offers just the cutting feature, so you might just as well install a full featured editing app and use what you need — they are not huge apps anyway, and also come with a stand-alone version (no installation needed).


Check Bandicut.


Dude, I may sound lame. But I use Magix products they’ll cost you 50 bones but they will get the job done and they work well with each other.


Hey guys, thanks for the recommendations! I’ll try these out immediately.


cageburner one thing I like about Magix is it works seamless with Magix Music Maker this is awesome if you know how to make music or even if you don’t you can anyway.


Feel free :slight_smile: