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Need your advices


I recently acquired Pro Motion Ng after having worked for a long time on Aseprite and then Pyxel Edit.
Having purchased Spriter Pro, I was interested in PM which seemed very complete to me and I was not disappointed despite a small problem when opening the software where all the windows are scattered on my two screens.

If I am writing to you, it is because I need your advice to create my character sprites for my video games.
Indeed, although I am comfortable drawing, I find it difficult to choose the dimensions required to create my characters in different views.

I wanted to know if it is possible, at first, to take an example on sprites, in real size. To do this, I wanted to know if it is possible to import character sprites into PM and change the opacity to 50% in one layer and draw the character in another layer by modifying, the details as we see fit. ?

When I open pixel art software, dimensions are offered, but I never know which ones to choose. Also, I would like to be able to work on very fine pixels to create complex characters and not work with large pixels.

Actually don’t like SD characters at all, I wanted to create RPG characters with long legs like in the game “Fear & Hunger”.

I have heard of the onion sprites option or something like that which is basically use for creating characters or moving object.

In any case, if you have any advice for the dimensions and how to arrange the sprites so that they are recognized by the game engine, I am interested.

Thank you in advance for your precious help.


Hey @EdenGenesis, Welcome to The Community!

Character sizing mostly depends on the project, fewer pixels are usually used
with more stylized or even “cute” games, where usually body proportions are deformed,
to add more details to face/chest while keeping low amount of pixels.

When I want to have something more defined without adding too many pixels,
I usually make my main character like 50px tall, and use him as scale for others.

In the PMNG you ofc can just import images, scale them as you wish, reduce opacity, and use as base reference.

I usually make my projects way bigger than the sprites I produce, I like to have some space around, which is usually quite useful. You can always just grab desired sprite as a brush, and save it as image, and save it as true png for transparency support.

I hope, I’ve helped you a bit :wink:



^ Click there and you should be able to change the opacity of that particular layer.

You can just drag and drop the image you want from your file folder to PMNG.

The complexity usually varies with the overall style you’re going for. And because of that, i can’t really recommend an exact number of dimensions. What i would do though, when trying to feel out the dimensions of characters i’m making - is to have a large canvas, then draw sketches from there. Adjust the character’s sizes or any other details after.

Oh. And just in case you can’t find it, this is where you wanna resize your canvass later:

And for quick and dirty saving of stand alone sprites, this is a great tool inside PMNG too:

AFAIK, game engines handle this in their own way. But basically do the same thing. You can either import a whole sheet and slice them after inside the engine, or have them pre-cut then import them one by one individually.

Hope this helps!