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NEO GEO FIX & Sprite plugins



For those who are interested in NEOGEO gfx, I quickly developed 2 plugins to export to NEOGEO FIX, SPRite and PALette files.

Files are available here:

I’m Interested to know if there are any bugs found or features that would be nice to have.



The NEOGEO arcade system has been discontinued in 1997, I’m not quite sure how many users on this forum will have one of those arcade cabinets sitting in their lounge (or bedroom).

Are you testing in on real NEOGEO hardware or via some emulator?


Pro motion NG also saves iff & lbm images so you never know, there might be a few retro compting fans around here…

The tests are first done via an emulator, it is quicker (and cheaper).


Hi @zorglub29 ,

thanks for contributing! I will add a link to your plugins on my web site and the Neo Geo docs section. Maybe it makes sense to post them to Neo Geo forums as well. Plugins also work with the Free Edition of Pro Motion.




Thanks !
Yep, I also posted the info on neogeo forums.