New user with bad eyesight please help!

My name is Mike, I am 71 and have long bemoaned the fact that DPaint3 wasnt ported over to the PC which is now more than powerful enough! So I was delighted to discover Cosmigo’s paint program.

Unfortunately I have a partially detached retina in my left eye which makes viewing the icons only possible using a magnifying glass. Never mind, I was delighted to get your program, loaded up a file that I want to edit and tried to find an eraser. The Help file says where it is but I cannot find anything that looks like a pen icon and it would be helpful if the Help file provided an example of the actual icon.

So here I sit, frustrated because I cannot just pick an eraser icon from the tools and erase the stuff I need to do. I realise this must sound pretty dopey but I did go through the docs and without more advice I cannot proceed. Please help me.

Hi Mikey,

welcome to the forum.
The icons will be increased in size some time this year I think.

As for your problem: there is no erase tool. You normally don’t need it. Just select the transparent color (e.g. hold CTRL key to activate pipette and click with the mouse button on transparent area) and draw. You can click with the right mouse button to select it as second color etc. .
If you have a pen that has an eraser then you can use this, too.
You can also use the paint mode “Erase” from the menu “Mode”.

I suggest to watch the tutorial videos when you find the time:

Hope this helps.


Thanks Jan. Please don’t take offense at this next remark but I’d give ANYTHING (well, within reason!) for a front end that looked and worked exactly like DPaint did. I still use DP2 for the PC on an old Win 95 machine kept alive for just that purpose. I had the Amiga 1000 and so got to the point where DP was just instinctive.

However I’m determined to give yours a fair trial and hope I can get used to the way it works.

Sure. But as to my knowledge DPaint did not have an eraser, did it?
PM comes pretty close to the DPaint workflows but of course it also goes it’s own way.


Well I cannot recall but what the hell, I liked your program the minute it loaded. Its a decent size not bloatware, the features that I did play with I liked. Now I come to think of it I used to use a brush to erase with anyway. The features you have are very similar albeit considerably more powerful so I’ll watch a few videos and get it sorted out.

Thanks again.


Unfortunately I have a partially detached retina in my left eye which makes viewing the icons only possible using a magnifying glass.

You might want to also check Windows settings for accessibility, for I believe there are now options to scale-up nicely apllications user interfaces by tweaking the system settings.

With the introduction of DPI awareness you should be able to set a default zoom level globally on Windows without loosing quality of the icons.

This might also enable you to work better with Pixel Art in general, for otherwise it might be a strain on the eyes (it’s customary that most Pixel Art tools tend to use small pixel fonts, because after all this is part of the retro flavour of Pixel Art).

Failing DPI awareness, you can always turn down the screen resolution while working with Pixel Art, which might also provide some kind of zooming up of all UI elements.

Thanks. Sorry for the belated reply, I have been informed by other people how to change my settings which I didnt know one could do.