Next dither paint mode hotkey

Hey there!

I’m trying to set up a faster workflow for dither painting, and I saw on a tutorial that one could set up a hotkey for switching between dither modes. By these I mean the 10 different dithering patterns that can be set up in the Paint Mode Settings and adjusted with the “Dither Pixels (1… 256)” control.

What are the hotkeys for switching between these dither settings, and what are their names in the Keyboard Shortcuts popup?


ATM you can not switch between the slots with a shortcut. But it’s a good idea to add some. Which tutorial do you refer to?

Here’s the link, looks like he’s using Pro Motion V6? Unfortunately he doesn’t explain it.

The shortcuts “<” and “>” decrease and increase the current scale of a selected paint mode, e.g. with brighten it brightens stronger or less strong etc. .
With the paint mode “Halftone” it selects the previous and next dither slot. Embarrassing that I didn’t remember that :blush:

Aha, so what I found was that it is called “Decrease/Increase Paint Mode Value” and they were bound to “\” and “Shift+\”, respectively. Worked for half tone just as you said!

The weird thing was that they did not work for me at first, but I tried rebinding them to their same backslash value on my keyboard and worked just fine (literally typing “\” again for the “\” shortcut and “Shift+\” for the “Shift+\”). Not sure what was happening before but it all seems to work now. Thanks very much!

Okay, yes, \ and shift+\ on an English keyboard.