No more colors 256

Pro Motion is limited to 256 colors. Why this choice ?

Knowing that all 16-bit consoles/computer:
NeoGeo | Palette: 65 536 colors / 4 096 simultaneous
Mega Drive | Palette: 512 colors / 64 simultaneous
Super NES | Palette: 32 768 colors / 256 colors simultaneous
PC-Engine | Palette: 512 colors / 256 colors simultaneous
AMIGA 500 | Palette: 4096 colors / 64 colors simultaneous (no Copper)

It is impossible to create mockups of more than 256 colors.
If you create mockup for Amiga in Pro Motion:
You can’t add layer background gradient (Copper) cause Copper builds the background gradient with colors palette which are different from the palette of your Mockup.
Therefore, it is impossible to create a mockup with Pro Motion because of this limitation (256 colors).

Why this limitation of 256 colors ?

How do you insert a layer (background gradient “Simulates Copper Amiga”) that has a different palette than the global project?

Hi @Yoz_Montana,

it’s indexed color only, but that does not mean it’s 100% limited to 256 colors.
You can have 256 colors per layer or even per frame.


The “G”-sign above all layers means:
if enabled all layers and all frames use the same 256 colors palette.
If disabled it means that the palette definition “G” sign of each layer applies. So, if the global “G” is disabled, every layer has it’s own palette (equal per frame).
If you now disable the “G” sign for a layer then every frame in that layer has its own color palette.

For mock ups you can also use the layer effect “display other project” to be more independent, see here: