No visual feedback that we have copied a selection in the canvas

After a selection, we have vis feedback when cutting and pasting a selection, we immediately see it in the canvas.
But we currently have none when copying a selection. I’m thinking, maybe flashing a “Copied!” in
this section: image at the bottom left corner of the main window should do?

Or somewhere else or some other manner where you think it’s best.


What kind of copy do you mean? When hitting Ctrl +C?

Yes, copy as in ctrl + C.

Is such feedback given in other tools? So that I can have a look what they do?

Maybe I should add and indicator here that shows if something usable is in the clipboard:

For other tools, there is a constant hint of what we can do with them.
So when i look at it now, i think my suggested location is a bad one.
The location you’re pointing at seems to be the most free.

Can you give a sample from some other tool, how such an indicator could look like? This will keep me from reinventing the wheel (as I usually do :sweat_smile:)

Off the top of my head, if it’s some other tool, usually the ‘Copied!’ text would flash by the cursor. As usually, selections are made with the mouse cursor.

Less common would be the ‘Copied!’ prompt appearing in a fixed location somewhere on the screen, where other prompts are shown as well. Much like what we’re trying to figure above.

But yeah, I realize that there are a lot of programs that do not prompt the user that it has copied data, too. Whether it’s intentional or not in their UX design considerations.