Non delta stencil selections when 3d is evoked

Hello Jan@cosmigo I don’t understand how much programming this would take but please consider making it so the stencil selections will not displace when you change the delta.

the whole purpose of a stencil selection is so the user will not go outside of the selection but when you use the 3d tools it alters that selection the selection needs to stay the same regardless if you are using 3d or not. Make no mistake I’m not asking for 3D not to work when using stencil selections but rather the displacement stay within the boundry. Please help and help is greatly appreciated.

If you don’t want the Stencil to automatically update after changes then please deactivate this option:

If this is deactivated then the Stencil stays the way it is defined initially, ignoring all pixel changes.

Jan@cosmigo I do apricate you quick response but checking Auto update stencil does nothing to confine when 3d is concerned. I have found that both options are useful for different things and it would be nice if you could toggle them on or off. Any help is greatly appreciated.

the more I think about this the more I like it the way it is thanks Jan@cosmigo!