Non-integer Pixel Aspect Ratios

It’d be nice if non-integer pixel aspect ratios were supported.
It can result in ugly scaling at lower zoom levels, but on higher resolution displays it can look fine at working zoom levels.
Scaling issues at low zoom levels could be alleviated by reverting to nearest integer ratio when below a certain zoom threshold.

This would be handy for:
EGA/VGA modes 160x100, 320x200, 640x400 with PAR of 1:1.2 on a 4:3 display
EGA mode 640x350 with PAR of 1:1.37 on a 4:3 display
NES 280x240 with PAR of approx. 1.143:1 on a 4:3 display
and many more…

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Will think about that. It is not directly planned but known to be a good thing for legit systems. NES stretches from 256 to 298 or similar.