Non repeatable option in shape selection tool

Jan@cosmigo I love the shape selection tool it is very powerful. That being said I have found that I don’t always want it to repeat. So it would be nice if there was a checkmark for repeat horizontally. And one for repeat vertically that way you would have much more control if you wanted the selection to tile or not. Please consider this request thanks in advance.

What do you mean with “repeat”? Can you maybe add sketch/animated GIF showing the problem?

When creating horizons you only need to tile the x axis not the Y. As shown the rectangular selected image would repeat on both the x and the Y axis. But this isn’t always wanted sometimes you want to repeat on 1 axis the x or the Y but not both. I am suggesting on the tool and settings palate when you have the rectangular selection selected it gives you the option to repeat on the x or the Y or both. this can help with placement and especially help with 3d placement as well. here is a demo.

limited tiling

That means, you want to use the scroll functions but without letting the pixels that move out at a side to come in on the opposite side and have this as an option separately for x and y?

Yes Jan@cosmigo, but also have the ability to move on both axis’ like it does now. I figure that it can work in the tool and settings palate,3 checkmarks one for x the other for Y and one for repeat that way the user could just choose to move the graphic without it tiling. when both the X and Y are selected there is no constrain on the axis. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Okay, understood. Added to my list.