Optimization, ProMotion NG lags

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I was using ProMotion 6.5 on Windows 7 for several years, now I switched to ProMotion NG on Windows 10 and it’s very laggy compared to 6.5. I usually work on big canvases 5000x5000 and 6.5 was dealing with them just fine. NG lags on scrolling through them. Is there a way to fix it?

PS. Is there a way to change UI to dark in 6.5 without reinstalling windows skin? xD 6.5 was just perfect for me, NG feels kinda “overfixed” and broken.

Welcome @Lordz00,

will check the laggy scrolling and compare to 6.5

6.5 does not support skins.

" feels kinda “overfixed” and broken."
Can you give some more examples about things you don’t like? BTW, with NG I updated the UI development system I use. Indeed the UI got a little bit slower, but this should not be noticeable on recent systems. What system do you use (CPU)?