Option to add more Color Indexes infinitely (resolved)

256 is definitely a lot of colors for pixel art. But organizing colors in the traditional compact manner isn’t always the best approach for some projects, especially legacy art we’ve inherited.

This is a project I’ve inherited and the first thing i did was arrange the colors into intersecting ramps like so, so it’s easier to find the colors i need:
With only 256 indexes, doing color ramps like this is prone to readability issues and mistakes as you can see above. But i had to make the colors fit with the available space somehow.

It might be another feature request altogether, but moving the colors was a bit cumbersome too. Especially when we have to move a set of colors to an index before another set of colors. It destroys the whole structure of ramps, forcing us to reorganize it again.

Can we have the option to expand the number of allowed color indexes indefinitely?

There are different modes of moving colors:
I guess the first one (blacken source positions) is the one you needed because it does not rearrange other colors (unlike the “move mode”/last icon would do).

PM is purely for 8bit images only. That means, every pixel points to an entry in the palette (0-256). So adding more colors is not possible because a pixel could not address these.

Ah, unfortunate but i understand. The suggestion was pushing PMNGs’ scope of domain a bit.

I’ll be trying blacken source positions.

Nevertheless, thank you for the response, Jan!