Option to relocate default PMNG files and settings any time

The key for this feature request is being able to do this “any time”.

It’s a windows-pain related issue. The pain is especially glaringly obvious when migrating data because we need to update/reformat/upgrade windows.

This way, we don’t need to have an external PMNG files and settings folder just for custom setups. It could just be a profile folder within the OG PMNG files and settings folder.

There is an implementation of this here and there but not for all of PMNG as a whole.
As of v8.0.6.0, these are the only ones i’ve found that we could export and decouple from PMNGs settings:

  • brush,
  • kb shortcuts,
  • half-tone patterns,
  • project presets

What we potentially lose when we don’t have access to our previous installation of PMNG files and settings because windows is giving us a hard time on migration:

  • preferences
  • drawing grid settings
  • windows layout
  • formulas
  • tool and paint settings

In my experience, other than the hassle of initial setup, there’s no con for an implementation like this.

You mean, that just exporting all settings into a file and offering an import function would be enough?

Thanks for the reply, Jan.


Though i know people in the future (not excluding me) might have special cases where they would want to compartmentalize and export sub settings separately. :sweat_smile: