Optional option for color picking

Pixel art is time consuming some people like me try to make art faster this feature exist in ms-dos era in some old pixel art tool from japan and modern ones it uses the right click button to pick any color, i know that pro motion-ng is the verily modern legacy of deluxe paint that’s why i said “optional option” would be nice to activate this option from preferences.

Here’s a workaround in PMNG v8.b8:

  1. Go to: File > Preferences > Mouse Buttons tab
  2. Insert the color picker shortcut key on Without modifier key input box.
  • In my case, the color picker tools’ shortcut key is ,
  1. Tick the + Left Mouse Button.
  2. You can now activate the color picker tool via clicking the middle mouse button and draw straight right after.

Additional notes for the method:

  • You cannot select a color for your BG, therefore, can’t draw with your RMB.
  • If you left + Left Mouse Button un-ticked, it will only activate the color picker tool and you can select which color to pick for your FG/BG.

Demo after applying workaround:

Sorry english is not my fort you are saying that i can set in that area the right click button to behave as color picker?, i’m asking for a replace bg color for the color picker in settings

The problem is that when defining the RMB to always pick a color then a lot of functions would break that rely on using the RMB to do some sort of action.
But technically it would be possible to include that.
I strongly recommend to just hold Ctrl - key to activate the temporary pipette and then click on the color you need. This is the fastest way to pick a color.
Another, less breaking way would be if I added shortcuts to pick the color under cursor. So you could assign a shortcut like “p” and it would immediately pick the color under cursor just like you want to see it for the RMB. Would that make sense for you?

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don’t worry jan i understand :+1: