Paint single color and cloning

Hello Jan@cosmigo I know you are busy but paint single color while cloning would really help with cloning. I looked at all of the other modes and none of them except paint single color looked like it would be useful. let me explain when cloning you will always paint a 3d outline ,fill it in and mathematically, manipulate adding details while cloning the right image until it is 3d. During this process you will likely erase all of the contents of the image elements to get the shape of the object and fill it in afterwards with proper parallax. If you had paint single color you could color the outline of the object while filling it Now that you have the basic shape you can add details to it with the clone tool in normal mode effortlessly. but paint single color would allow you to fill in the shape and then use the normal clone tool to draw in the detail it would be so useful. and would really speed up my workflow. thanks in advance any help is greatly appreciated.

Please answer this time around

Please add this soon, thank you till then.