.PAL file embedded in PNG as custom chunk


I prefer to use PNG instead of PMP to save my work. This is because you always get a preview with PNG file, but not with PMP.
However it always comes with a .PAL file which is a bit annoying as when you move files you always have to move both, otherwise the palette structure is lost.

I’d like to suggest an option to embedded the .PAL file into the PNG as a custom chunk, so that for users that want so, the PAL file is not written but hold inside the same PNG.

(or a PMP preview in explorer, which surely is a lot harder than the custom chunk :slight_smile: )


if you work permanently on a PNG and you don’t use alpha transparency then you should use index PNG files:

Then the palette file is not stored separately. This is only done with 24/32Bit.
But yes, even in this case it could be saved as an individual chunk. Will add this to my list :slight_smile:


thanks, I hadn’t realized I was saving it as 24/32 bits. I dragged the original PNGs into ProMotion and they were 32 bits, so it just kept the format.

Now in 8 bits mode I’m getting a similar problem, file.png and file.alpha.png are created. Is there a way to get rid of the alpha file? :slight_smile:

So the images use alpha transpareny. The question is: will you want too keep it then you should continue using 32bit PNG :slight_smile:
If you don’t need it, e.g. because the image effectively only uses simple transparency and not different alpha levels then just click here:

This will disable alpha transparency and enabled color index based transparency.
Also have a look here: