• jan@cosmigo.com

Palette changes even though I select load with current palette

I draw some images in PM, then run them through some custom software I made, my software picks the colors from the image and write them back to the new image. However, when I load the resulting image in PM, choosing nearest color and use current palette (I already loaded the palette), the colors are shifted one to the right in PM palette (the image has the right colors, but now that the palette is slightly different it doesn’t align with the rest of my design process). I can email you some image sample images for testing this issue. I might just be doing it wrong though.

After you’ve imported your image into PMNG:

  1. Load the desired palette (i.e. the one you want to adapt the image to) via:
    Colors » Load Palette
  2. Remap the image colors to the new palette:
    Colors » Remap Colors » Frame(s)…

This will remap each color index in the bitmap to the color in the newly loaded palette that is nearest to the original color (before you loaded the palette). If the color entries are identical in both the previous and loaded palette, you should get exact matches, otherwise the algorithm will go for the nearest color available (not sure which color distance algorithm PM NG uses).

Thanks, that fixed it :slight_smile: It would just be nice if it could be chosen as the default when loading, but since I don’t use this too often I’ll get by with your nice solution :slight_smile: