Palette does not save properly

Colors -> Save Palette does not save my changes, especially with low S and B values.

Step 1: Pick a color on the palette and use ‘Edit HSB Color’ to adjust it to H 20, S 25, B 25.
Step 2: Save the palette.
Step 3: Load the palette.

Expected result: the edited color is still 20, 25, 25.
Actual result: the color is 0, 25, 25.

I can send a video if desired.

Just checked this but could not duplicate.
When I define the color with HSB 20,25,25 and hit “OK” then the color is stored to the palette and when I double click on it again then it has the values are 19, 25, 25. This is normal because HSB and RGB color spaces do not 100% match. The RGB value is 64, 53, 48.
When saving a palette then it contains RGB values only, so it stores 64, 53, 48 for that color in the file and also loads this again.
Can you attach the palette file that you stored and describe which color you changed (number of palette entry)?