Palette Keeps Disappearing

So when I go to load a project I’m working on, whatever palette I use keeps randomly disappearing and I can’t seem to bring it back up. What do I do?

Hi @warriorsorb,

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What does disappearing mean? Does the palette window (by default displayed at the lower right section) disappear? Can you add a screenshot?


Certainly. It’s usually on the right of the frame and it’s usually there when I save and load my project but then when I load my project, it’s not there (hence what I mean by disappearing) and I tried loading the palette but nothing happens. This isn’t the first time I’ve had this trouble. I had to restart this project from scratch all over again twice already due to the palette disappearing.

The project is not influenced by this effect. The tooling windows disappeared. Can you please check if the windows are all set to be visible in the Options menu?

I just did it twice and it worked. Thank you, awesome person!!! :blush:

But still it would be interesting why the windows are set to be invisible. This should not happen if you don’t close them. When the hide again please try to remember what you did, e.g. which keys you pressed.
Also be sure to use the latest version which is 7.2.


Truth be told, I’m just as curious because I don’t close the windows. I always save my project before I exit. I’ll keep a close eye and remember what I did.