Panning with space and my laptop's track pad

It simply doesn’t work. Even bypassing the fact that my hands are in a kinda awkward and funny looking position when I’m trying to do it, when I press and hold space key on my laptop (the cursor changes to a hand), pressing the left button on the trackpad and then with a third finger trying to move around the trackpad, it just moves the cursor. To actually pan with it, I have to either connect a mouse (weirdly enough with mouse space-panning works even though as far as Windows or any apps are concerned the touchpad is a mouse) or switch to pan tool with alt+n.

Yes, this is a bug. Easy to fix. Will be done with the next update.

Edit: I had a different problem cause in mind than it was actually. The reason is that you can’t move the mouse at all if you hold a key. The mouse just does not move independent of the underlying application when you use the touchpad. So it can’t be fixed.

But I can see mouse cursor moving on screen. So it can be at least worked around. One such workaround would be to monitor mouse x/y positions and check if they’re different from previously recorded positions and if they are, move appropriately. At least that’s how I would solve it if Delphi’s OnMouseMove event wouldn’t trigger properly.

But that’s how it works. On my machine not even the mouse cursor moves. Maybe it moves on your system but it does not generate mouse move messages. If it did then it’d work I think.

Did some more testing and it turns out that if I press space, the laptop doesn’t register left click button on track pad as pressed for some reason.

One fix would be to allow just pressing space and moving the mouse to pan it, without clicking needed (as an option).

Maybe the function hidden under “N” helps to better navigate. Actually I don’t want to change the pan behavior just because of the computer issue. As mentioned on my system the mouse doesn’t even move when a key is down and the touchpad is used.