Paste an image from an external software


I am working on a tile project. I would like to paste a sprite with an image that has some new colors. I am using a global palette, I wonder if it is possible to paste that new image and add only the missing colors to the palette.

Thanks in advance


use Edit/Get Brush to get the image data in the clipboard as brush.
Then use Colors/Import Colors from Brush. This will add all colors that are not already included in the palette.
Now use Colors/Remap Colors/Brush. This will make the brush use the colors that have been imported by remapping its pixels.
Now place the brush where you want to have it.


Thanks Jan. I will try that approach.
I think that it will be a great NICE to have , to support traditional selection, and copy paste. Also transformations of a selection, those are some interesting features I personally would like to have.

This is planned and the next bigger feature set to be included after finishing the tile map engine workflows.

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