Patreon for Jan & PMNG?

Not a lot of people want to sincerely work for free.

So, what if Jan opens up a patreon or something similar? The money funneled in there could allow jan to commission people to do extra stuff like this site, video tutorials, documentation and such?

This way, even if @jan.cosmigo only develops PMNG in a time that’s comfortable for him, at least, most of it is spent on the core program. (Unless jan enjoys doing those other stuff himself. :sweat_smile:)

P.S. i had a hard time titling this topic. :dizzy_face:
P.P.S. I know there are competitors of Patreon, by i can’t make a direct comparison so i’m leaving that option open.


For sure one person to do all of this isn’t enough, but I am not sure if patreon is the right way to go, since Pro Motion Community isn’t too big atm, probably because of the price, and lack of youtube content with tutorials and stuff, and even when youtubers talk about pixel art programs, they somehow are not mentioning Pro Motion NG, which triggers me lately.

I would love to start making some Pro Motion NG content for youtube/twitch, but I am not really sure if I can use this program well enough yet :joy:

There will me more tutorials when 7.3 is launched. Then it will have the typical floating selection tool set and distortion functions like this:

Not having these functions is the biggest hurdle for new users and this must be fixed before doing more videos. The time will show if this will also lead to mire community based streaming. Let’s see.

This is exciting Jan, please tell me will it also have dialog transformation as well? So you can do precise transformations?