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Pen drawing resizes to 1px everytime before drawing


PMNG ver. 7.2.7
XP-Pen Star 06 ver. 1.6.4

It doesn’t seem to demonstrate well on this .gif, but everytime i click/draw with the pen on the tablet, the brush resizes itself first to 1px before drawing.

IDK if this is just a setting i have to setup in PMNG, my pentablet, or a bug of sorts. But is anyone in a similar situation and maybe has a solution? Thanks.


Hello, past self. This is what you get from not reading the documentation. (smh)

It is a setting that has to be setup.
IDK if this is the default but ‘brush tip size’ under the ‘pressue’ tab from ‘tool & paint settings’ window was ticked.
Refer to SS:

All we gotta do is untick this box. And voila! Works like a charm.

Sidenote: On these available fields so far, i only find halftone gradient to be something i could use.
But what is ‘paint mode scaling’? I tried drawing with varying pressure but nothing special seems to happen.
Self: Current self, it seems the documentation beckons! :point_up:
Future current self: What? Stop nagging me. I’m sure someone from the community can enlighten me here. I’ll cross that bridge when i get there!
Further future current self: :roll_eyes:


what is ‘paint mode scaling’? I tried drawing with varying pressure but nothing special seems to happen.

Ok here is the way it works. When using mode scale it does just that it scales the mode that you are using. For example if you select mode/ differance and color on the paint that you laid down before the previous color was green.A light touch will make it blue where as a hard touch will make it red
IE the complimentary color of green.I hope that helps


Paint Mode Scale: Some paint modes can be scaled, e.g. translucent (%). This will scale with pressure. Of course the results with a limited color palette may be poor. But it can work for applying certain effects despite of that.


No, The Burner of Cages has a point, and this is something I wanted to address - when drawing with pressure in PMNG you can’t easily control your “Single Pixel Brush” size minimum on the fly. Each stroke is locked to the minimum/maximum you’ve set in Tool & Paint Settings>Pen tab regardless of how you resize your brush.
I find this unnatural and unnecessarily restrictive. When coloring in shapes or shading something the common need is to raise and lower your brush size as need be. In other words - percentage scaling, like what Photoshop uses.

And PMNG DOES have brush percentage scaling. Buuuuut, we can’t use it with a “Single Pixel Brush” - the most common and useful brush.
Any time you reset your brush back to single pixel and percentage scaling gets automatically disabled then BAM your pressure settings suddenly change on you. “Brush Scale (%)” strangely only works for sampled brushes.

I can’t think of a reason why we shouldn’t use “Brush Scale (%)” with a single pixel brush. It would be very useful.
Obviously, “Brush Tip Size (px)” and “Brush Scale (%)” contradict each other - when one is on the other needs to be disabled.

Why can’t we use percentage scaling with a round or square single pixel brush? Single pixel brushes already scale up and down losslessly. It would be perfect would it not?

One more thing - (and possibly a bug?) - when using “Brush Tip Size (px)” with a square single pixel brush, after every stroke my brush gets changed back to a round single pixel brush. Square brushes are nice for filling in corners and stuff. Why am I forced to use a round brush with “Brush Tip Size (px)”?