Performance issues - mask

App freezes when I try to use mask:

(Sped up x4)

The same happens when I scroll around the canvas. Both issuess were not present in the 6.5 version (the freaking perfect sweet-spot one) that I am also using. I tried switching to NG due to lack of dark mode in 6.5, but I keep getting a lot of performance issuess like the one recorded. Would pay for dark mode mod for 6.5.

Edit: tried reducing canvas size to something small to check if the app was being choked by my 5000x5000 worksheet (that I always used no problem on 6.5) and it still freezes. Scrolling works better tho.


I can duplicate the problem with the production version 7.2.7.
It’s gone with V8. There is a beta Beta Version | cosmigo
if you would like to check. This is the first beta, so there are still some problems in it. Hope to have a new beta within next week.


Thanks for replying Jan!

I’ll stick with 6.5 for now, as I’ve got deadlines to meet. Any predictions when I could get a working stable version so I could update my callendar? With 6.5 at hand I don’t mind waiting for a polished product.

If I only knew when I reach the finish line. It’s impossible to predict, but within March there should at least be a stable beta, but it will still need polishing I think.