Perspective transform

Just want to say great job with the 8.0 version so far. I’ve been testing it out the past week. Thank you!

Quick question about perspective transform. There was a gif on Twitter from Nov 1/2020 that showed it. Is it in this beta version?

Yes, it is. Use Free Transformation functions of menu Brush or menu Edit and then you find different options in the tool options dialog:

Yeah, I did see that before. Although I can choose between Linear and Perspective, it stays as Linear either way.

Can you show that as screenshots? It switches here:

The mode defines the rendering algorithm for the contents in the transformed element. What you probably mean is how to transform the element itself.
When hovering with the mouse over one of the handles please have a look at the bottom of the main window. This will show information about how to use an element:
With the Free Transformation you can hold Ctrl to move the corner freely. I suppose you are looking for the perspective transform mode that Photoshop has, where the corners move automatically in pairs.
Let’s see if I can also add this for V8 because it makes (correct) perspective distortion easier to apply.

Perfect. That was it!