Pick up multiple objects as one brush

Is it possible to, like in Photoshop, click on more than one objects when using the magic wand? Like if I want to make a brush from some letters.

It’s possible, yeah - My method is to use the Fill Tool with Selection Mode (Mode > Selection -OR- Selection > Create Selection by Drawing) and “grab” the selected pixels.

Using selection mode, click as many times as needed with Fill Tool to create a selection around the desired pixels for the brush you want.
Then: Brush > Grab Frame as Brush (CTRL+A).
Now switch to Paint Tool, back to Paint Mode, and deselect.

You can now draw with the brush you created from the selection you made.

Awesome!!! Thank you, @mathias :ok_hand:

In 7.3 there will be true selection tools and a separate magic wand that can be used to add or remove selections. Today the selection functions are indeed very hidden by just being a Paint Mode that can be used with any tool. That makes it highly flexible but yet hard to find and/or to understand.

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Sounds good @jan.cosmigo, I will try to learn how to use the paint mode for now, but will look forward to the upcoming selection tools.