Picking tiles from image

I can’t for the life of me figure out how to pick a tile directly from the image. Or is the only way to pick a tile is to find it in the tile library? Right clicking only causes the tile to flash white, whatever that does…

I assume you have a tile map project. In this case just use the rectangular brush pickup tool (hit “B”) and select on the canvas with your mouse and left mouse button down. It will snap to the tile grid (boundaries) so you can pick up a single tile or a couple of them.
Be sure that at the tile map settings (right top window) the mode “Pick/Place Tiles in Map” is selected.
If you use the right mouse button when picking up then you cut out the tile.

Hope this helps.


Btw what’s the point of right clicking with a tile? All it does is flash the tile that is on the cursor white…

My guess: you have something as brush that is no known tile and mode = “Pick/Place Tiles in Map”. Normally a warning appears in that case. After that the action is reverted. The warning message can be hidden with “Don’t show again”. To be sure it was not switched off please go to File/Preferences and use the “Reset Hints/Questions” button at the bottom.
If the warning was disabled by accident then it should now show again.

Also I suggest to have a look at the tile mapping primer:
I’m open to any suggestions concerning such docs or the tool set.
There are a couple of good ideas to improve it in the Suggestions category and I hope to add some of them until the end of this year. Feel free to add your thoughts there as well.

The “Pick/place tiles in map” mode doesn’t really appear to be a proper tile mode, but rather a pixel mode with some tile matching constraints.
Right clicking while a drawing tool is selected will try to draw with the secondary colour. If the result of the drawing operation matches an existing tile then that tile will be placed there, but otherwise the drawing will be reverted.
Also there’s no colour picker like single click tile picking from canvas, just box grabbing as Jan says.

Indeed, that’s what “Pick/place tiles in map” is supposed to do. Use it to copy tiles around without modifying them. To be slighlty improved it should:

  1. pick the current tile if you don’t select an area but just click inside a tile
  2. right click should set the 0-tile