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Pixel-Art Animations in Netflix Documentary


I’ve just watched High Score, a Netflix series on the history of video games which is packed with cool Pixel-Art cartoons:


During the documentary narration, viewers are presented with full screen (full HD) animations created in old-school Pixel-Art fashion, with the addition of a CRT monitor filter that give the impression you’re looking at an old TV screen. Of course, the actual pixels are blown-up in size to provide the pixel-art flavor, but the images are true pixel art (no sprite rotations shortcuts that break up the pixels’ orientation).

If you have a Netflix account, I strong suggest to watch the series (which you’ll probably enjoy for its contents too, since it deals with early video games from what we now call the “retro era”).

I wonder who drew the Pixel Art animations (didn’t dig into it yet).



Just the thumbnail for episode 6 is reason enough to check it out. Thanks for the link.