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Pixel-Art Resources on The Internet


I’d like to start this thread by announcing a new project I’ve just released, but I hope that it might become a thread were users can post links to other resources too.

New Pixel-Art Resources Repository on GitHub

Today I’ve created Pixel-Art Supplies, a GitHub repository aimed at gathering resources for pixel artists:

Currently the project containst only pixel art fonts (PNG/Gif Bitmaps, and BFM fonts):

  1. — 1132 BMF fonts collection from bmf.php5.cz (courtesy of CRS).
  2. — 325 fonts (Gif & PNG) from Daniel Guldkrans’ collection (courtesy of @phracker).

Hopefully, users contributions will allow the project to grow in time.

NOTE: Those who don’t use Git can download a ZIP archived copy of the project via the “Clone or Download” button (upper right corner) and then selecting “Download ZIP”.